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Monitoring TV, Radio, and the Internet

With so many tracking options out there, let us help you weed through the minutia. You may be using multiple sources and we can help you bring them all together. Our key word searches are comprehensive and we will keep you posted regularly on results. While everyone has a different style and philosophy when presenting data, we have our templates, or we can adapt to yours and prepare custom hand-crafted reports for you and your clients.  Our tracking & reporting will not only save you money it will save you time and resources.

Graph showing Audience outlets

Tailored Coverage

With global coverage of over 55,000 online sources including news, blogs, trade publication, TV/radio, forums, newswires, online magazines, consumer sites and more, we find your mentions and provide custom reporting. Google alerts and other free key word mention platforms can only go so far, utilizing top SEO sites for information. Our ITR coverage goes beyond top SEO searches and is tailored specific to your needs.

PSA Tracking & Reporting

PSA tracking & reporting can be extensive and involved. To ensure we capture all airings, we have contracts with the best companies in the industry, working with agencies, producers, and distributors to provide everything from basic detection data to full reporting and analysis. You get all of this data, along with excellent customer service, delivering clear concise coverage reports.

Programming & Commercials

A lot of money is spent on advertising, so of course you want to track your placements and be sure you're getting your ROI. We can track spots (via SpoTTrac) and key word searches to verify air dates and affidavits from stations are accurate. Our TV & radio reports include the audience, ad value, and number of airings. With such big investments, it's important to keep track of when, where, and how your mention is used. Our thorough reports will give you everything you need to know.

Intelligent Tracking & Reporting (ITR)

Media tracking platforms are expensive and often require long term commitments.  They also take time and resources to learn and operate. ITR combines the very best tracking in the industry with unparalleled customer service, including complete and customized reporting. With over 15 years of experience in this industry, our clients consider us their reporting department, often calling us to consult prior to the launch of a campaign to gain an appreciation of what the results may look like. We’ll be able to tell you what can be tracked, how we will track it, and the best way to present it.


We contract with the top industry platforms to provide the best product for our clients. Under our package pricing, we offer an unmatched product and service for a fraction of the cost!  There is no reason for your company to spend countless hours filtering through data, when we can do it all for you.  We deliver turn-key reporting that is customized to your specifications, branded, and ready for you to present to your company and clients. Whether you’re looking for every detail available or a report ready for the boardroom, we’ve got you covered.

BE SMART. Providing unparalleled customer service and utilizing the best resources available makes us the smart choice when you need comprehensive solutions. 

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