Our history connects us to our past and weaves a story that helps define who we are. People have often asked if there is a history behind the name, August II Productions, and there is.


Founder and Executive Producer, Nicole Kelly Garner, named the company after her father, John Augustus Kelly Jr., also known by his stage name Jack Kelly, from the famed TV western series Maverick.


In the 70's, Jack had a company called August II, Inc. befitting to his name. When coming up with a name for her own production company, August II kept coming to mind. So, in memory of her father and to keep the family synergy going, Nicole named the company August II Productions,  now also referred to as “A2”.

On the set of "Maverick," Jack Kelly with his horse Goldie in the episode, Betrayal.


*Banner photo from left to right, Jack Kelly, friend Dave Baker, California Governor Ronald Reagan. circa 1971.

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